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TeleSensations: The Educators Handbook to Intructional TeleComputing was originally written in 1989 by Yvonne Andres, Mary Jacks and Al Rogers. The handbook, published by the FrEdMail (Free Educational) Foundation, was a practical resource for its time, containing successful, classroom tested projects and activities and complete, detailed instructions on how to use modems on Apple II computers with primitive BBS systems. We are pleased to observe that, although the technology has changed significantly during the past decade, the collaborative projects in TeleSensations are still proven classics. All three authors are still dedicated to discovering how technology can help teachers.

We have re-published these classic projects here, and made it easy for you to adapt them for your own use. Just press the QuickStart Project button at the bottom of each project page. You will be guided through adapting the project for your own classroom, establishing timelines, and publishing your adapted project to the GSN Project Registry. Then... sit back and wait for other teachers to join you.

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