Data Exchange Physical Characteristics

Data Exchange Physical CharacteristicsProject Summary
This activity involves the electronic exchange of data between schools. The project begins by making up a survey of physical traits that is sent to distant schools. Students complete the survey and return it for analysis of results. This project has been done numerous times with classrooms around the globe and has always been a tremendous success.

Suggested Grade Level and Audience
6th through 12th

Estimated Time
3-4 weeks

Student Learning Objectives

  • To improve estimation skills
  • To gather, record and interpret data
  • To participate in a cooperative exchange of information with distant audiences on a telecommunications network
  • To develop a survey for data collection
  • To generate computer graphs to display results of data

Writing Prompt

1. In groups, generate a list of physical characteristics to survey such as:

Cleft chin
Flat feet
Nostril mover
Double jointed
Tongue roller

2. Decide which physical characteristics to survey

3. Develop a survey for data collection

4. Predict how many in your class will have these traits

5. Give survey to class and tally results

6. Compare prediction with results and record data

7. Send survey electronically to partner schools on telecommunications network

8. Predict how many will have particular traits at distant sites

9. Receive data and compare with prediction

10. Generate graphs to visually display results of survey

11. Compile results and send to distant schools

Extended Activity

Students can do the same activity surveying birthdays.



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