Rhyming Couplets

Rhyming Couplets

Project Summary
This activity works well with any grade level. Students at the first school write a series of rhyming couplets. Cooperative groups work together to select the best couplet from each student.

This project works best when couplets chosen for each student have different ending rhyming sounds. (The reason that the last word should have a different sound is that responding students will have a wider range of vocabulary choices when completing the rhymes). The first line of each couplet is sent to the partner school. Each student writes a second line for the couplet and sends it back to the original writers.

One history teacher had his students write country reports in the form of rhyming couplets.

This is also a great ice breaker activity for teacher in-services in telecommunications.

Suggested Grade Level and Audience
3rd through 12th

Estimated Time Required
2-4 weeks

Student Learning Objectives

  • To learn the concepts of rhyme, rhythm and poetic license
  • To introduce new vocabulary words
  • To practice writing, editing, and revising
  • To reinforce word processing skills
  • To communicate with a distant audience
  • To engage in electronic transfer of information

Writing Prompt

(This project originated from Lindsay Place School, in Quebec, Canada, with a group of French Immersion students. Other collaborating schools were Jefferson Junior High, Oceanside California, and St.Catherine's School, Turramurra, Australia)

Each student in the first class makes up one rhyming couplet. All the last words of the couplets must have a different sound. This makes the lesson more interesting on the receiving end.

The teacher sends the first half of the couplet to a collaborating school. The students at the second school create one or more matching rhymes for the couplets, and then return the completed couplets

(Here are some samples from the original couplets project. The first half part was created by students in Canada, and the second part was created by students from Jefferson Junior High, in Oceanside, CA)

  1. Why we go to school, the question remains
    Some people think it is to exercise our brains.
  2. As I slept last night, I had a dream
    My birthday cake was made of strawberries and cream.
  3. Going to class is such a bore
    Whoever decided it had to be a law?
  4. My brother can really be a pest
    He was so cute when he was a baby, who would have guessed?
  5. My teacher doesn't like the work I do
    She thinks I should talk less and work harder, too.
  6. If youth is so cool
    Why do we have to spend all our time going to school?
  7. I study so hard and what do I achieve?
    If I don't bring home all A's, my parents just grieve!
  8. All the guys on the beach are awfully cute
    I hope they notice my brand new suit!
  9. My room is such a horrible mess
    My mom is concerned, but I could care less.



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