Let the Games Begin!

Let the Games Begin!

Project Summary
This telecomputing project was inspired by the cooperation and excitement generated by the World Olympic Games, and was originally carried out on the FrEdMail (Free Educational Mail) Network, AT&T's Long Distance Learning Network, Compuserve's Edforum, and OERI (Office of Educational Research and Information), in Washington D.C. Contributions were received from students in Australia, West Germany, California, Oklahoma, Philadelphia, Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, Canada and New York. This project was a 2nd place winner in the 1989 Computer Learning Month Lesson Plan Contest.

Suggested Grade Level and Audience
5th to 12th

Estimated Time Required
4 to 8 weeks

Student Learning Objectives

  • To develop descriptive writing skills
  • To broaden cultural experiences by learning about students and games from other geographic locations
  • To become aware of the similarities and differences of children from all over the world.
  • To have access to a "games" data base (They will undoubtedly learn some new and enjoyable games!)
  • To learn how to collect, organize, store, and retrieve data using telecomputing
  • To practice writing, editing, and revising
  • To reinforce word processing skills
  • To engage in electronic transfer of information

Writing Prompt

Students from partner classes will brainstorma list of non-commercial (not store bought) games  they have played. Tell the students to try and remember all their favorite games from the past and the present.

One location will collect all the names of the games and put them in a data base.

The final product will be an international data base of games and their rules, which will be shared with all contributors.

Use the following format to exchange game information:

Your School: Jefferson Junior High
Your Location: Oceanside, California
Contact Person: John Smith
Age of your students: 13-15
Game Name: Red Light, Green Light, one two three.
# of players:
2 - unlimited
Mostly played indoors/outdoors? outdoors
Equipment needed? none
Game Name: Stoop Ball
# of players:
2 - unlimited
Mostly played indoors/outdoors? outdoors
Equipment needed? ball, a stoop

*(a stoop is the cement or brick set of steps in front of a house. This game was very popular in New York!)

and, so on...

This is a great activity for students to do in cooperative learning groups. Sending the complete descriptions and rules along with with the basic game information can really add to the learning experience.



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