Rappin' Up History

Rappin' Up History

Project Summary
This activity originated with Mr. Dando's Magnet language arts class, at Jefferson Jr. High, Oceanside, CA. Students researched important facts related to ancient Egypt. Students were paired together to create a "rap" tune that accurately described that period of history. They were given key words which were required to be included in their rap.

A variation of this project has been done several times at teacher telecomputing workshops. Participants write 2-4 rhyming lines telling who they are. Then all sections are merged together to create a "group bio rap."

Group Bio Rap (Example)

My name is Yvonne and I'm from New York,
which you can probably tell by the way I talk.

Hi, I'm John... a history teacher.
I'd like to say that I'm glad to meet ya!

I'm Janet and sorry to be late,
Please tell me more about modems and baud rate.

My name is Dennis and I'm here to learn about sending files
to distant classrooms across the miles.

Suggested Grade Level and Audience
5th through 12th

Estimated Time Required
2 to 4 weeks

Student Learning Objectives

  • To research facts related to a historical period or topic
  • To learn the vocabulary associated with a historical period or topic
  • To discuss poetic license
  • To combine facts into a "rap" tune
  • To reinforce word processing skills
  • To communicate with a distant audience
  • To engage in electronic transfer of information

Writing Prompt

The task is easy and the job is fun.
'Cause a history rap's what you've got when you're done.

You can read it solo or you can read it in mass
But, either way it's a mega-blast!

First you research the facts on a historical topic.
Then you write and rap it and rhyme it and "pop" it

Ancient Egyptian Rap (Example)
by Mr. Dando's Class, Jefferson Jr. High

Hey! Egypt is where all the pharaohs are at.
If you don't know that then you're really wack.

They hauled the rocks down the Nile in a barge.
To build the pyramids, they're extremely large.

In one of those tombs was a dude name Tut.
His father was Ra, the sun god but...

When Champollion found his body, honey.
It was in bad shape which they called a mummy.

There's also a half lion man named Sphinx.
If you get too close he really stinks.

Because he's 250 decades old.
And, he's covered with algae, fungus and mold.

Now Egyptians also learned to write
in hieroglyphics...what a sight!

They covered obelisks up and down
They told a myth when they were found.

Of how Cleopatra partied all night
and never could get her lovers right.

The Scribes would write, the nobles ruled.
Joan Collins ain't in this dynasty, fool!

The priests in the temple would all pass out
at this funky rap that we though about.

So the next time you want to study Egypt man,
just call on us and we'll give you a hand!



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