Music Survey

Music SurveyProject Summary
This project is highly motivating since it takes advantage of students' love of music. Students in Oceanside exchanged music surveys with classrooms all over the U.S, Canada, Australia, and West Germany and learned about groups they had never heard of before! First they developed a list of different music categories. Next, they developed a survey to be given to class members, friends, parents, and grandparents. After the trial survey was given, it was given to partner schools on a telecommunications network. Students enjoyed predicting, comparing and contrasting, making graphs of the results, and sharing data.

Suggested Grade Level and Audience

Estimated Time Required
3-4 weeks

Student Learning Objectives

  • To generate categories of music
  • To develop survey for data collection
  • To predict results of survey
  • To analyze, compare, and contrast data
  • To create graphs to visually represent results of data
  • To participate in cooperative telecommunications project

Writing Prompt

1. Generate a list of different types of music such as:

Heavy Metal
New Wave
New Age
Rock and Roll
Rap'n & Pop 'n

2. Develop a survey for data gathering (include types of music and ages of persons)

3. Predict how many in your class will prefer different types of music

4. Give survey to class

5. Record data

6. Compare prediction with results

7. Give survey to parents and grandparents

8. Send survey electronically to partner schools

8. Predict how many will prefer particular types of music at distant site

9. Ask distant site/s to give survey to parents and grandparents

8. Receive data and compare with prediction

9. Generate graphs to visually display results of survey

10. Send results to distant schools

Extended Activity

Survey students within music categories as to favorite male and female vocalists, favorite groups, favorite instrumentalist etc.



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