TeleComputing Telephone Plays


Project Summary
This project works well with English as a second language students and reluctant writers. It is a motivating assignment because it allows students to participate in one of their favorite recreational activities of talking on the telephone. Through the use of conversational English, students will develop plot and character as well as solve some of teenagers most pressing problems.

Suggested Grade Level and Audience
6th through 12th

Estimated Time Required
2-4 weeks

Student Learning Objectives

  • To develop plot and character
  • To explore possible solutions to teenage problems
  • To go through the stages of the writing process
  • To exchange work electronically with a partner school on a telecommunications network

Writing Prompt


  1. In small groups brainstorm teen problems such as boy-girl relationships, betrayal of friendships, problems with grades, or parents.
  2. Identify one problem and discuss the situation leading up to the problem.
  3. Identify the characters playing key parts in the situation.
  4. Discuss and list solutions to the problem.
  5. Discuss the setting of the problem- time of day, time of year, place, environment.


Begin writing first draft of the telephone play.

  1. Write the setting for day one.
  2. Begin writing the characters' conversations over the telephone.


Setting: June 5 at 5:30 in the evening.

Jane is talking to her friend, Amy, about the graduation dance on June 15. Jane has a date, but Amy hasn't been asked yet and really wants to go with John, a guy in her biology class.

Telephone rings.

Jane's mother: "Hello."

Amy: "Hi is Jane there?"

Jane's mother: "Yes, just a minute."

Jane: "Hi Amy, has he asked you yet?"

Amy: "No, he didn't even make eye contact with me today in biology."

Jane: "Well, why don't you just go up to him and ask him to go yourself."

Amy: "Are you kidding, he doesn't even know I exist. Besides, I think he likes Renee."

Jane: "Renee, no way! Anyway, I know Renee is going to the dance with Mark. Just slip John a note on your way into biology and ask him to go; it's as simple as that."

Amy: "Easy for you to say."

Jane: "Well, if you won't tell him, I will. Tomorrow I'll tell him during English; he sits right next to me in there. I'll meet you at lunch and tell you what he says."

Amy: "Oh, Jane. I'm going to be so embarrassed!"

Jane: "Don't worry, I'll take care of everything. See you at the usual spot."

Amy: "Okay, see ya."

Jane: "Bye."

Amy: "Bye."

Hang up

Setting: June 6.



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