GeoGraphic Gypsies

GeoGraphic Gypsies

Project Summary
Students will exchange geographic information with students from different geographic locations on a telecommunications network.

Each partner school will be allowed one question per day. Sample questions will be such as: Are you in a building on the north side of campus?

Suggested Grade Level and Audiences
3rd through 12th

Estimated Time Required
2-4 months

Student Learning Objectives

  • To add excitement to making and sending introductory packets to long distance learning partners.
  • To learn geographic locations of partner schools on a telecommunications network.
  • To improve students' geographic knowledge
  • To improve students' map reading and problem solving skills
  • To orient students to the sites surrounding cities of partner schools
  • To provide cooperative learning activities
  • To provide meaningful interaction among students from different geographic locations.

Extended Activities

  • Students can make up travel brochure of their area
  • Students can set up data base with information from different locations

Writing Prompt

For the next few months, your job will be to act as geographic gypsies with partner schools on a telecommunications network. The steps to this activity include:

  1. Send research tolls to the partner schools through the mail.
    A. School map
    B. Local area street maps
    C. City map
    D. State map
    E. Other information such as population, local economy, schools, government buildings, landmarks, tourist attractions etc.
    F. Pictures, postcards, and brochures .
  2. Post all maps and other information on bulletin boards in classrooms and/or library.
  3. Decide which group will be the geographic gypsies.
  4. School #1 decides a location and marks it on their school, city or state map.
  5. Schools 2-4 guess the geographic location of school #1. Schools that are guessing mark their correct guesses on the maps and move them closer to the spot as they get closer to the exact location.
  6. School that guesses correctly first, starts the game again.
  7. Allow schools to ask one question per day to narrow the location of the gypsies. The gypsies can be anywhere on the map. It's a good idea to start the first round of the game at a school, then move to a location in a city then guess the whereabouts in the state.



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