"Say It" Survey

"Say It" SurveyThe purpose of this questionnaire is to learn the slang or regional ways of saying things, both in the present and from the past. It has 2 sections, and you may elect to do the entire survey or just one of the sections. The first section asks for your responses. The 2nd section asks for a response of someone at least 15 years older than you.

Write an expression YOU might use to convey the following messages:

  1.   That's "very unfortunate"
  2.   How "disgusting!"
  3.   You look "nice"
  4.   I am "very happy"
  5.   I "don't want to do that"
  6.   I am "very tired"
  7.   I am "very confused"
  8.   He was "quite drunk"
  9.   I need a "little nap"
  10. . I am "out of money"
  11. . Those are "nice clothes"
  12. . She's my "best girl friend"
  13. . That's "just wonderful"
  14. . What's "been going on in your life
  15. . I don't have "transportation"
  16. . Let's have a "meal"
  17. . That's "nice music"
  18. . What a "messy room"
  19. . I was "totally upset'
  20. . I "must hurry along"
  21. . That job "was very difficult"
  22. . What an "unusual person"
  23. . That's was "quite simple"
  24. . She was "beautiful"
  25. . That's "okay"

Say It Survey (SAMPLE Answers)
Your Age 13

  1.    That's "very unfortunate": What a bummer!
  2.   How "disgusting!": Gross me out
  3.   You look "nice": You look rad
  4.   I am "very happy": I'm stoked
  5.   I "don't want to do that": No way Jose
  6.   I am "very tired": I'm zonked
  7.   I am "very confused": I'm spaced out
  8.   He was "quite drunk": He was feeling no pain
  9.   I need a "little nap": I need some ZZZ's
  10. . I am "out of money": I'm broke
  11. . Those are "nice clothes": Those are bad threads
  12. . She's my "best girl friend": She's my main squeeze
  13. . That's "just wonderful": Hot dog!
  14. . What's "been going on in your life?": What's going down?
  15. . I don't have "transportation": I don't have wheels
  16. . Let's have a "meal": Let's chow down
  17. . That's "nice music": Those are awesome tunes
  18. . What a "messy room": What a pigsty
  19. . I was "totally upset": I freaked out
  20. . I "must hurry along": Got to split
  21. . That job "was very difficult": That was a killer
  22. . What an "unusual person": What a Barney
  23. . That's was "quite simple": It was a piece of cake
  24. . She was "beautiful": What a looker
  25. . That's "okay": No problema



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