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1. Elementary/primary schools
2. Middle/lower secondary schools
3. High/senior secondary schools
4. Directories of K-12 sites

2. Middle/Lower Secondary Schools

Historical Landmarks of Uppland Vasby
Sweden-Finnish School
Stockholm, Upplands Väsby, Sweden
Ages 12-14
Learn about 10,000 years of history in this community in Sweden.
Ubrique, Land of Leather
Multimedia English Remote Internet Connection Required
Ubrique, Cádiz, Spain
Ages: 5-17
Ubrique, a community of great food, music, and the manufacturer of leather goods.
Raffles Girl's School (Secondary) Remote Internet Connection Required
Singapore, Singapore
Ages: 13-15
A fabulous site dedicated to Singapore's Chinatown and it's complex, multi-cultural community.
Camp Swift: A  Historic Landmark in Bastrop, Texas
Bastrop Middle School Remote Internet Connection Required 
Bastrop, TX, USA  
Ages: 14
The once-thriving town of Bastrop, Texas recounts the good 'ol days of World War II when the U.S. Army's Camp Swift housed over 44,000 servicemen.
Kayenta Artwork
Kayenta Middle School Remote Internet Connection Required 
Kayenta, Navajo, AZ, USA 
Ages: 12-14
This project showcases some of the diverse art forms in Kayenta.  The Navajo people pass on their traditions and maintain family and clan ties through the giving and sharing of important pieces of art.
St. Lawrence County Historical Museum
McKenney Middle School Remote Internet Connection Required
Canton, NY, USA
Ages: 12-15
Take an Electronic Walking Tour of the St. Lawrence County Historical Museum.  The students gathered pictures and information to produce this virtual tour.
Lemon Grove Leaders
Palm Middle School Remote Internet Connection Required
Lemon Grove, CA, USA  
Ages: 12-14
This project spotlights many leaders from Lemon Grove, but also features many leaders who are admired throughout San Diego county and southern California.

Examples below are ThinkQuest Projects completed by middle school students

Women in Alaska's History
This project provides lots of information and activities related to women and the history of Alaska. There are activities in math, map skills, English, vocabulary, and critical thinking.
Stamp on Black History
Tells the story of African American History through US postage stamps. The site documents the economic, political, social and cultural changes in the lives of Black Americans
Ages 13-15

Page 1: Elementary/primary schools
Page 2: Middle/lower secondary schools
Page 3: High/senior secondary schools
Page 4: Directories of K-12 sites

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