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1. Elementary/primary schools
2. Middle/lower secondary schools
3. High/senior secondary schools
4. Directories of K-12 sites

1. Elementary/Primary Schools

Historical Landmarks of Warrandyte
Anderson's Creek Primary School Remote Internet Connection Required
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 
Ages: 8-11
Warrandyte is a small township of 10,000 people living around the Yarra River on the North-Eastern outskirts of Melbourne, Australia.  Explore it's rich history as shared by 5th and 6th grade students.
Hobart - Malang Electronic Mail Project
Fahan School Remote Internet Connection Required
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Ages: 8-9;
Enter the cyber community created between students in Tasmania and Indonesia.
Rivers and Lakes Project
Elanora Heights Elementary School Remote Internet Connection Required
Sydney, Australia
Ages: 4-12
A global investigation of rivers and lakes with contributions from students in 20 different countries.
The Gallery of Unsung Heroes and Heroines
St. Elizabeth Catholic School Remote Internet Connection Required
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Ages: 11-12
A wonderful site, dedicated to special people around the world who have made a difference in people's lives.
Special Olympics 1997 World Winter Games
Cameron St. P.S. Remote Internet Connection Required
Collingwood, Ontario, Canada
Ages 11-13
Journey back in time to experience the pride and honor shared by all during the 1997 Special Olympics World Winter Games.
The Village of Five Seasons
Öbergaskolan Remote Internet Connection Required
Arjeplog, Lappland, Sweden
Ages: 7-12
The unique society of Arjeplog experiences special seasonal changes, find out how these seasons play a part in this area of the world.
The Endangered Animals of the World
Cannelton Elementary School Remote Internet Connection Required and Primary School De Wadden
Cannelton, IN, USA and Haarlem, The Netherlands 
Ages: 5-18
This project was an international collaboration between elementary schools in the United States and The Netherlands.  It's focus is to help others gain knowledge and appreciation for the many thousands of endangered animals of the Earth.
In the Heart of Gold Country
Deer Creek School Remote Internet Connection Required
Nevada City, CA, USA
Ages: 10-11
Deer Creek School is nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California, USA.  Discover how the historical landmarks of Nevada City, California weave a tapestry of gold rush history.
A Kid's Guide to Poway
Garden Road Elementary School Remote Internet Connection Required
Poway, CA, USA
Ages: 8-9
A guide to the city of Poway specifically for children!  This guide explores such areas as; places to go, activities, and why kids love Poway.
Alaska Native Art Virtual Museum
William Tyson Elementary Remote Internet Connection Required
Anchorage, AK, USA
Ages: 7-11
Browse five different galleries in this Alaskan Art Virtual Museum created by third through sixth grade students.
Austin's Local Leaders
Kirby Hall School Remote Internet Connection Required
Austin, Texas, USA
Ages: 7-9
A third grade classroom conducted an in-depth survey of their community to identify and report on the top leaders in Austin, Texas.
Fifty Below and Nowhere to Go
Woodriver Elementary School Remote Internet Connection Required
Faribanks, Alaska
Ages: 8-12
An informative, entertaining, and useful site about living in the colder places of the world.

Examples below are ThinkQuest Junior Projects

J.J.'s Adventure: A Baby Grey Whale's Rescue and Release
North County Christian School  Escondido, CA, USA
Best of Contest
Tracking Creativity
Grahamwood Elementary  Memphis, TN, USA
Arts & Literature
Down Syndrome
Mountain View Elementary  Kenai, AK, USA
Online Math Applications
Palos Verdes Intermediate School  Palos Verdes
Estates, CA, USA
Science & Mathematics
Ancient Egypt
Lagunita Elementary  Salinas, CA, USA
Social Sciences
Birth of a Nation
Clarke Middle School  Lexington, MA, USA
Social Sciences
The Real Truth about Fast Foods and Nutrition
Ralya Elementary  Haslett, MI, USA
Sports & Health

Page 1: Elementary/primary schools
Page 2: Middle/lower secondary schools
Page 3: High/senior secondary schools
Page 4: Directories of K-12 sites

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