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1. Elementary/primary schools
2. Middle/lower secondary schools
3. High/senior secondary schools
4. Directories of K-12 sites

High/Senior Secondary Schools

Local Leaders of Port Elizabeth
Paterson High School
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Ages 15-17
Visit leaders in the coloured community of Port Elizabeth.
Community of Kloofwaters
Kloofwaters High School
Rustenburg, North West Province, South Africa
Ages 12-18
Learn about the various Community groups of Kloofwaters.
Local Attractions in Capetown
Cape Town High School
Capetown, Western Cape, South Africa
Ages 15-17
An in-depth study of the City Bowl area in Capetown.
Conservation of the Roodepoort Copper Butterfly
Adelaar High School
Roodepoort, Gauteng, South Africa
Ages 15-17
Study of a unique grassland habitat set aside as an Entomological Reserve for the protection of insects, especially the rare butterly Aloeides dentatis.
"Life" at Sterkfontein
Adelaar High School
Roodeport, Gauteng, South Africa
Ages: 16-17
Explore the possiblity of the origin of human kind via the caves of Sterkfontein.
The Singapore Zoological Adventure
Chinese High School Remote Internet Connection Required
Ages: 12-18
Explore the Sinapore Zoo through this wonderfully designed trip.
Where Gliders are Born
Prienai 2nd High School
Prienai, Kauno Apskritis, Lithuania
Ages: 16-18
Drift into the post-communist Prienai, Lithuania and explore the world of gliders.
Western Plains Zoo
Dubbo South High School
Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia
Ages: 12-16
Visit the world's first open-range zoo and meet it's residents.
The Times They Are A Changing
North Country Union High School Remote Internet Connection Required
Newport, VT, USA 
Ages: 15-18
Join students in taking a look at Newport, Vermont and how technology has changed the way this small community does business.
Acadiana Ça Fait Chaud!
Northside High School Remote Internet Connection Required
Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
Ages: 16-18
Another delicious site for not only your ears to explore concerning the musical and other contributions of Lafayette.

Examples below are ThinkQuest Projects completed by high school students.

Where Earth Meets Sky : The Himalayas
Explores Himalayan altitudes, lands, geologic past, trekking, flora and fauna, and environmental problems The site includes an atlas, traveler's corner, guided tour and quizzes for readers to test their knowledge.
Native American Southern Pow Wows
This site provides an opportunity to learn about the customs and traditions at a modern pow wow found on the southern plains. It includes information on dance styles, the songs sung, and regalia the dancers wear.
The Holocaust: A Tragic Legacy
This project examines the Holocaust. It provides a summary with background information, graphics of camps, an interactive timeline, survivor stories, glossary, quizzes and a wall of remembrance where users can submit their thoughts, stories or artwork.
The Motion Picture Industry: Behind the Scenes
This project gives the reader a taste of what it is like to make a movie. It also gives a brief history of the motion picture industry.
LinkAge 2000
An excellent educational resource from an international perspective on the contributions of older persons to our society. Many opportunities for user interaction.
Basketball Explorations
Readers who love basketball will love designing their own team logos and exploring basketball.
To Kill a Mockingbird: Then and Now
This project shows different ways to explore and learn from novels or films. There were several avenues available in which to explore the Title of this project, and future novels that required in depth analysis.
ISLAND: Internet Source for Learning And New Development
A complete guide for learning the basics of HTML design and multimedia Web authoring
From The Ground Up: A Guide to C + +
A tutorial to learn the programming language C++. Users learn,write and correct C++ programs.

Page 1: Elementary/primary schools
Page 2: Middle/lower secondary schools
Page 3: High/senior secondary schools
Page 4: Directories of K-12 sites

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