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1. Upload your project
2. Beta test
3. Final check

3. Final Check

In almost every large Web project, the final task is to do a thorough check of the site; the contents, navigation, and functionality. It's not much different than proofreading a paper you write for school.

During this final check many parts of your site will need attention. The following includes a final checklist of details:

  • Proffread...prufread...I mean, proofread. If you have a spellchecker, use it. Check for repeated words words. (See how easy it is to miss things?)
  • Make sure all file names and page names are consistent and compatible.
  • Check and update links.
  • Navigate your entire site for missing links or mis-directing links.
  • If you use "frames", be on the lookout for frames accidentally nested in other frames.
  • Fix any broken images.
  • Ensure all images have "alt" tags, are tagged with dimensions, and conform to the Browser safe palette.
  • Check all multimedia to make sure it is functioning properly.
  • Double check that all copyrighted materials have been properly acknowledged.

While you're testing the functionality of your site, it's even more important solicit feedback from peers on the educational content of your project. The following section provides strategies for evaluating and assessing the success of your Web project.

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