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Building a
Web Project
Upload and test
Project Reflection & Narrative
Evaluate your Project
Publicize your

Publicize Your Success!

After all of your hard work, and having demonstrated a positive assessment, you should let others know about your successes.

Positive publicity excites other educators and students to participate in similar projects and makes it easier for you to obtain resources and support in the future.

Invite the local media
Don't be shy. Most news agencies are pleased to report activities that unite local schools and the community.

Write articles
Don't wait for the press to write about your project! Make sure that there is a "publicist" on your team who can chronicle your project activities.

Make public presentations
Students should act as ambassadors and spokespersons for your project. Local community organizations generally appreciate when student representatives speak at their functions. And, it's a great way to attract future volunteers!

Post a wish list
Make a wish list of the items that your school needs and post it on your web site. This is a simple way to inform the public of how they can help.

Register your site
There are many appropriate places that would be happy to link your Web project from their site. Other places include Gleason Sackman's Hot List Remote Internet Connection Required, Web66 Remote Internet Connection Required and  Yahoo Remote Internet Connection Required.

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