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Evaluation Resources

Autodesk PBL Workbook foundation/ pbl/ workbook/
The Autodesk Foundation
111 McInnis Parkway
San Rafael, CA 94903
The Autodesk Foundation is dedicated to the study, promotion, and evaluation of PBL and they have gathered and produced many valuable ideas and resources on their Web site.  Their PBL Workbook, included on this CD-ROM, provides tested information on incorporating project-based learning into your curriculum.
Join the Autodesk Foundation’s PBLNEWS/PBL Pointers Newsletter ( ), their monthly email publication containing news, features, columns and other items for teachers interested in project-based learning.
Learn and Live
Learn and Live™, developed by the George Lucas Educational Foundation Live Internet Connection Required, offers extensive resources in book and video on viable and interesting ways to integrate technology into teaching and learning. Learn and Live can be ordered in print and video formats, or it can be viewed on the Web.

We have included on this CD two clips from the video which support project-based learning (You'll need Real Player 5.0 products/ player/ 50player/ to view). In the first video segment, teacher Jim Dieckmann discusses with his 6th grade class what an evaluation rubric for multimedia projects should look like. Later, Mr. Dieckmann talks with two of his students who have been having difficulty locating the insect they want for their project. Their discussion illustrates the flexibility often needed when students engage in project-based learning.

Learn and Live 1997 The George Lucas Educational Foundation, All Rights Reserved. Learn and Live is a production of State of the Art, Inc., Washington, D.C. Produced and directed by Gerardine Wurzburg. The George Lucas Foundation has found a modern-age partner in Blockbuster Entertainment, Inc. The company has agreed to lend copies of Learn & Live at no charge through their stores across the country. You will find Learn & Live on the community service shelf at your local Blockbuster!

An Exploration of Classroom Assessment Live Internet Connection Required
Produced by the Institute for Research on Learning , this excellent CD-ROM/Web site is designed to help you improve your assessment system, design a new system, or experiment with new assessment techniques. It encourages you to take time to reflect on your current system, and then hear what other teachers have to say about their assessment practices. It contains classroom video, teacher and student perspectives, examples of student work and teacher tools, and expert commentary. The material is organized into six Workshops and seven additional Discussion Starters. The CD-ROM, which you can order from IRL, is a resource that should be in every school's library. While you're visiting IRL, be sure you also visit these two links: PBLGuide/ AssessPBL.html Live Internet Connection Required PBLGuide/ ThoughtPieces/ Rubric.html Live Internet Connection Required

Examples of Rubrics

Global Schoolhouse
See the section in this guide on assessment of student web projects which discusses GSN's CyberFair Peer Review Rubric for evaluating student Web projects. 
Art Wolinsky has adapted this rubric for projects completed by his high school students.
Rubric For Assessing Analytical Thinking Processes rancho_san_joaquin/ rsjdocs/ analytic/ psrubric.htm  Live Internet Connection Required
CoVis Sample Evaluation Rubrics projects/ assessment/ RubricsOverview.html Live Internet Connection Required

Rubrics for Evaluating Web Pages

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
This popular and notable Web site includes a useful list of assessment rubrics Live Internet Connection Required
West Evaluation Website Rubrics Live Internet Connection Required
Ed's Oasis Evaluation Live Internet Connection Required
University of Washington design/ evaluate.html Live Internet Connection Required
Widener University Live Internet Connection Required
Cyberguide Rating Live Internet Connection Required
University of North Carolina Live Internet Connection Required

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