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1. Define your goal
2. Identify tasks
3. Create a timeline
4. Identify resources
5. Enlist help

5. Enlist Help!

Don't let technical obstacles defeat you. If you have a good project, you'll probably find an enthusiastic technical "angel" nearby. We have heard many success stories from schools who have asked for help from local businesses, universities, parents, and other members of the community to help with and host Web pages.

Everybody benefits from this kind of partnership:

  • You benefit from the resources, services and expertise they provide.

  • They gain insight into and become more sympathetic to the school's mission, and become advocates rather than adversaries.

  • Students benefit by feeling a sense of connection and involvement from the community and they begin to see that their contributions can also be meaningful.

There are many tasks for which you can ask help, such as designing and writing Web pages, finding a place to host your Web pages on the Internet, help with digitizing and converting photographs, graphics, sound, and video. When you run into technical obstacles, contact one or more of these community resources. Remember that it never hurts to ask:

  • parents

  • local universities (particularly the teacher education departments!)

  • museums, zoos, aquariums

  • libraries

  • businesses

  • community organizations (Rotary, Kiwanas, Red Cross, Boy Scouts, etc.)

  • local computer stores

  • technology users groups and special interest groups (SIGs)

Page 1: Define your goal
Page 2: Identify tasks
Page 3: Create a timeline
Page 4: Identify resources
Page 5: Enlist help
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