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1. Define audience and purpose
2. Teach something "new"
3. Cite sources
4. Encourage feedback
5. Include reflection pages
6. Balance content with presentation
7. Make it current
8. Keep it simple and accessible
Communications: The Real Power of the Web
A Visit to Hillside School

5. Include Reflection Pages

As Web-using teachers, we must be able to explain to parents, administrators, and our colleagues what we are doing with our students, and prove to them that this new Internet medium is working as well as our intuition says it is. When we require our students to reflect and report on their own experiences and learning, we can not only present compelling answers to important questions from our constituents but also make an important contribution to the collected body of wisdom and knowledge in this new medium.

Consequently, we urge you to have your students plan for and include a "project narrative" or reflection page in their Web project. This page can include information about project goals and objectives, lesson plans, schedules, project diary, student comments and anecdotes during the process of the project, noteworthy feedback from the community, students' personal evaluation of the project, parental evaluation, representative email conversations between authors (your students) and their audience (community), and other information which will help to tell their own story of the project.

Page 1: Define audience and purpose
Page 2: Teach something "new"
Page 3: Cite information sources
Page 4: Encourage feedback
Page 5: Include reflection pages
Page 6: Balance content & presentation
Page 7: Make it current
Page 8: Keep it simple and accessible

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