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Design Summary

Before you move on, it will be important to review the information from the final phase of development, "Delivering" your Web project. The following checklist provides a list of items that should have been addressed during this stage.


  • You have organized your information into identifiable groups or categories.
  • You have developed a logical site structure and navigation system.
  • You understand your server's technical requirements.
  • You have created a project site or networked shared folder where team members can store and share new information.
  • You have explored the links to Web development resources.
  • You understand the basic concepts of writing for the Web.
  • Your team is well into creating its Web project content.
    • HTML
    • writing
    • graphics
    • multimedia
  • Your project team is collecting permission to use collected resources and is prepared to correctly cite all sources used for the Web project.

By the end of the Design phase of your Web project, you should have a working model of your Web site. Links work and the navigation is in place. You might have already finalized your graphics, and some of the more ambitious of you will have completed the site's content and already proofread their writing.

But, it's not over yet. To ensure that your Web project works across multiple browsers and platforms, your project team will need to upload their project for beta-testing, a process covered in the final section of this guide, Deliver your Web project.

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