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3. Government

Another authoritative source of experts is government: federal, state or province and local. The level of government that you decide to use will depend on the nature of the information you seek. We have already learned that the Monarch flies through specific states, so looking at the governments of those states would make sense.

  1. First of all, we will go to the government web site for a specific state. Remember that most states use a common URL for this page, Live Internet Connection Required, where mo refers to Missouri. You would change this to to load the Texas state government web page.
       emlpgs2.jpg (14363 bytes)
  2. At the Missouri state government page we find a link to the Executive Department of Conservation. There are a series of drop-down menus.   One is for animals of Missouri. We select butterflies, click Go, and find a fabulous page about butterflies and how to make a butterfly garden.
  3. There is not an e-mail address on the butterfly page, but when we back up to the Executive Department of Conversation pages, we find an e-mail address, probably for a receptionist.  At this point, this person might be a best bet since he or she is in the business of directing visitors to the best person for their needs.  We would write an e-mail to this address, succinctly describe who we are and the information we seek, and ask if the reader would suggest the e-mail address of someone there who might help.

Section: E-mail
Page 1: Friends & Acquaintances
Page 2: Academia
Page 3: Government
Page 4: Direct Approach
Page 5: Soliciting Help Through E-mail
Page 6: Search Tools for Finding People

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