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1. Friends & Acquaintances
2. Academia
3. Government
4. Direct Approach
5. Soliciting Help Through E-mail
6. Search Tools for Finding People

1. Friends & Acquaintances

Starting with the most obvious, you have friends who can help. There are acquaintances whom you have met at workshops and conferences, contacts at the central office or the department of education, locals whom you have invited as classroom guest speakers, and friends of friends who have a special interest or area of expertise. Get in the habit of getting e-mail addresses. Ask people for their business card. If they don't have their e-mail address on the card, ask them for it and write it on the card in your own handwriting. If you do not have a business card, get one. Have fun designing it, or ask your students to design one for you. Be sure to include your e-mail address. If you have a web page, include that as well.

Section: E-mail
Page 1: Friends & Acquaintances
Page 2: Academia
Page 3: Government
Page 4: Direct Approach
Page 5: Soliciting Help Through E-mail
Page 6: Search Tools for Finding People

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