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1. Friends & Acquaintances
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2. Academia

If you are looking for an expert in a particular area, such as the migration of Monarch butterflies, and you do not count an entomologist among your friends, your detective work begins. A good first place to start may be the academic community. Authority is an important advantage of finding people in this way. They have been hired by their universities because they are experts. As an example, we already know that Monarch butterflies travel through Mississippi, so we will look for a university in Mississippi.

  1. First of all, we will go to Mississippi's state government home page to find a listing of universities there. The URL for any state government resources page is , where the ms is the abbreviation for the state. For California, it would be
  2. Here I find a link to Mississippi State University.
  3. From the Mississippi State University home page I click Academics and find a link to the Department of Entomology.   Many university web pages use the term Academics to point toward their individual colleges and departments.
  4. After I get the page for the Entomology Department, I click on faculty where I found experts on insect morphology, insect systematics, and insect population. Each of these faculty members has a personal home page.
  5. I click on one of the scientists and see his picture, a list of his publications, and his e-mail address.

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Section: E-mail
Page 1: Friends & Acquaintances
Page 2: Academia
Page 3: Government
Page 4: Direct Approach
Page 5: Soliciting Help Through E-mail
Page 6: Search Tools for Finding People

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