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1. Selected Model Internet Projects
2. Finding Teacher Projects
3. Planning Projects
4. Evaluating Projects
5. Educational Reform & PBL
6. Free Email Services

2. Finding Teacher Projects:
Registries and Mailing Lists

Global SchoolNet's Internet Project Registry
You'll find a large selection of current and past projects from a variety of sources, but mainly from other teachers. You can also make your own project and post it here.
Education Place Project Registry

European SchoolNet Project Database

IEARN (The International Education and Resource Network)
Students from around the world collaborate to solve real world problems and positively effect the resources and peoples around the globe. They share their understandings about each others' cultures and envision the future.
Oz Projects Registry
SOFWeb Projects projects.htm

Includes many effective guidelines to creating and managing your own projects.

Mailing Lists (Listservs)

Electronic mailing lists are an efficient way to keep up-to-date with new projects since announcements are delivered directly to your email box. When you send email to a mailing list, all list subscribers receive a copy of your message via email. Mailing lists allow you to follow discussions, receive information related to specific topics, and communicate with your peers around the world.

The Hilites list, moderated by Global SchoolNet, is the longest running (started on FrEdMail in 1984... with web archives going back to 1995 and most reliable mailing list for <<fix this>>high-quality networked projects. We recommend that you begin your listserv experience with Hilites, since the list is professionally moderated and all projects are screened for credibility.
Intercultural E-mail Classroom Connections
Several mailing lists that help teachers and students find one another to collaborate on projects.
A global, multilingual email network for 10-15 year olds. Adult mentors organize curriculum projects through KIDPROJ.

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