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6. Free Email Services

6. Free Email Hosting Services

Many schools are letting free or inexpensive email hosting services manage their project and student email account needs. This gets the school out of the business of managing student accounts, and may be the ideal solution when you have just a few selected project or student accounts that you want to set up.

RocketMail for Education Live Internet Connection Required
Offers K-12 students free e-mail, full multimedia mail, mail access from anywhere and online help support.  Student accounts show announcements and information of interest to young students.
Juno Live Internet Connection Required
Not only provides free email (using their client, Windows 95 only), but they also provide free-dial up numbers in 400 cities, so it's not essential to use your Internet account to access your email.
SoftHome Live Internet Connection Required
Free POP3-based email service, which means you can use a free POP3 mail client, such as Eudora. This lets you download email from the server and read it off-line. One disadvantage of this is that your email then resides on a particular machine: if you want to access mail from multiple machines (i.e., at school and home) you'll want to leave your mail on their server.
Hotmail Live Internet Connection Required
Free email using their included Hotmail client. While this gives you free email, it also gives you advertisement. Schools have reported that so far advertising has not been obtrusive or objectionable or included information of a controversial nature.

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