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Building a
Web Project
1. Bill Hill- Metadesign
2. Kristen Korb


Developing a quality Web project requires students to look at how they create in a completely new way. It is a cross-disciplinary approach. Information design, graphic design and Web development are just a few new skills which are required to create a successful project.

Students are also required to find new ways to work together, to brainstorm, to improvise and communicate. These skills go beyond technology and can be used in any environment where people come together to create.

The following includes interviews with professionals in such diverse fields as multimedia and music who share their views on collaboration and creativity.

  • Bill Hill- Metadesign

    Bill Hill is ... of Metadesign, a multidisciplinary design firm with offices in London, Berlin and San Francisco, who approaches design as "first and foremost an intellectual process".

    He is also executive director of VizAbility, an award winning "visual thinking kit" which has proven to be an effective tool for improving a student's visual thinking and communications skills.

Kristen Korb is a nationally recognized Jazz musician and instructor of "improvisation". She has recorded with such legendary jazz artists as Ray Brown and Benny Green and is currently at work on the follow-up to her CD-ROM.

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