Introduction to NetPBL: Collaborative Project-Based Learning
Project-Based Learning
1. Goals, Objectives, Standards
2. Select a Project
3. Audience
4. Assessment
5. Assessment Resources
6. When Disaster Strikes
Net PBL Project Plan Map
Communications: The Real Power of the Web
A Visit to Hillside School

How to Plan and Organize a Collaborative Project

Planning a project that integrates the Internet or Web is similar to planning "low-tech" projects. This guide provides some basic concepts to help you begin the process of organizing a networked project.

As you begin any project, your primary job as teacher is to help students to develop workable plans and maintain the structure around which students can successfully work. Once their plans are in place, you will then mentor and coach your students as you work and learn side-by-side with your students.

The "Six A's of Designing Projects" can serve as a general yardstick to help you remember some of the important qualities of effective projects described in PBL & Ed Reform.

Page 1: Goals, Objectives, Standards
Page 2: Select a Project
Page 3: Audience
Page 4: Assessment
Page 5: When Disaster Strikes

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