Introduction to NetPBL: Collaborative Project-Based Learning
Project-Based Learning
1. Goals, Objectives, Standards
2. Select a Project
3. Audience
4. Assessment
5. Assessment Resources
6. When Disaster Strikes
Net PBL Project Plan Map
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A Visit to Hillside School

1. Establish Project Goals, Objectives & Standards

What do you want to accomplish?
Your first decision is to determine your specific project goals.

Your project design will look quite different depending on the goals. A common mistake is trying to cover too many things, whereas the best projects focus on one or two specific areas. There are many goals from which to choose:

Identify the Learning Objectives
In the rush to "do" the latest hot technology, it's easy to gloss over the required curriculum. Be sure that you and your students know the learning objectives that your project must support.

  • What required coursework will this project teach or supplement?
  • Where does the project fit into your curriculum guidelines?
  • Is the project aligned with your required curriculum framework and requirements?

Standards & Frameworks

Putnam Valley Central Schools Live Internet Connection Required in New York has assembled an impressive annotated list of Internet sites with K-12 educational standards and curriculum frameworks documents.

Page 1: Goals, Objectives, Standards
Page 2: Select a Project
Page 3: Audience
Page 4: Assessment
Page 5: Assessment Resources
Page 6: When Disaster Strikes

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