Introduction to NetPBL: Collaborative Project-Based Learning
Project-Based Learning
1. Goals, Objectives, Standards
2. Select a Project
3. Audience
4. Assessment
5. Assessment Resources
6. When Disaster Strikes
Net PBL Project Plan Map
Communications: The Real Power of the Web
A Visit to Hillside School

6. When Disaster Strikes

While actual disaster may not court your project, you are bound to encounter problems during its course.

But that's good!

When your students encounter problems, embrace the teachable moment to help them learn important life lessons about solving problems, overcoming obstacles, and changing goals when necessary.

You can view a segment of the Learn and Live™ video from the George Lucas Educational Foundation Live Internet Connection Required that shows how a teacher coaches Albert and Charles, who have not been able to catch a wasp for their electron microscope project.  Notice Albert's reaction to this problem. (You'll need Real Player 5.0 to view)
(Learn and Live™ 1997 The George Lucas Educational Foundation, All Rights Reserved. Learn and Live is a production of State of the Art, Inc., Washington, D.C. Produced and Directed by Gerardine Wurzburg.)

The Autodesk PBL Workbook also has some useful tips for coping with problems.

Page 1: Goals, Objectives, Standards
Page 2: Select a Project
Page 3: Audience
Page 4: Assessment
Page 5: Assessment Resources
Page 6: When Disaster Strikes
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