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Primary Document Resources
1. Finding mailing lists
2. Information from
mailing list participants

1. Sources for finding Mailing Lists

An excellent way to learn about mailing lists is through other mailing lists. One of the best sources for this and other types of Internet information is Net-Happenings, a very old mailing list that is moderated by Gleason Sackman in Fargo, North Dakota. To subscribe to this list, address an e-mail message to:

In the body of the message, type:

Subscribe net-happenings <your first & last name>

There are also a number of databases of mailing lists available on the Internet. Some of these databases are searchable. One example is Tile.Net. To seek online conversations about the Monarch Butterfly, we would

  1. Load the Tile.Net web page into our browser. The URL is: .
  2. Tile.Net has a search tool for finding Internet mailing lists. We will start with very specific words and work toward the more general.
  3. First I try the word Butterfly. This yields no lists, so I move to the more general, entomology. This also yields nothing. Going more general still, we enter insect. This search reveals two mailing lists: INSECT-L and SOCINSCT. Clicking on each list delivers information about the list and how to join it.

Section: Mailing Lists
Page 1: Finding mailing lists
Page 2: Information from mailing list participants

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