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C Making Projects
1. Design a Project
2. Advertise your Project
3. Prepare for your Project
4. Conduct your Project
5. Quickstart Projects
6. Resources
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C. Making Collaborative Learning Projects

3. Prepare for Your Project

Select your Partners
  • Select enough teachers to make the project successful, even if some of them drop out.
  • Select teachers who have compatible equipment, adequate access to technology, and an obvious commitment to finish the project.
  • Confirm that school calendars of all participants agree so that all can finish the project.
  • Obtain home addresses and phone numbers from selected participants.

Introduce One Another

  • Share everyone's email address with the group. Ask teachers to send email to the group introducing themselves and their teaching situation.
  • Introduce classes to one another and troubleshoot technical capabilities by exchanging some  "hello" activities (simple student writing exercises... describing their school, community, class, teacher, simple surveys of preferences, favorite activities, etc).

Prepare Your Student Assistants

  • Find responsible students and train them to be part of your project. You're probably already doing this if you are using technology in the classroom. This will be a big time saver.
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