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C Making Projects
1. Design a Project
2. Advertise your Project
3. Prepare for your Project
4. Conduct your Project
5. Quickstart Projects
6. Resources
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C. Making Collaborative Learning Projects

4. Conduct & Conclude Your Project

Conduct Your Project

  • Meet your own deadlines.
    Set a good example, and urge your partners to keep to the schedule, too. If you have unforeseen problems, let people know and adjust the project timeline.
  • Send reminders of pending deadlines
    We're all busy... your partners will not only appreciate your reminders... they may make the difference between success and failure.
  • Be a cheerleader and a mentor
    Part of good leadership... encourage and support your partners. Acknowledge and appreciate their hard work and effort, especially when they do extra. Remember the law of giving: you get what you give.
  • Be ready to help
    Remember the times you've needed help and someone selflessly stepped in to bail you out? Now is the time for payback: pass the good deed on.
  • Be flexible...
    ... and encourage your partners to be flexible, too as you encounter problems or hurdles to overcome. Be creative in solving problems... help one another, change timelines, alter expectations as you all look for a successful collaborative learning experience.

Conclude Your Project

  • Share Project Results
    • If you publish any student writing, send a hard copy to all who participated.
    • Have your students collaborate on writing up a summary of the project, describing it, what they did, what they learned, and what changes they would make in the project. Send the summary to all participants, and post it to some of the project mailing lists for all to see.
    • Send a copy of the summary, along with project results, to your principal, PTA president, superintendent, and board of education president.
  • Have your students send a thank-you message to all contributors
  • Encourage informal individual student key pal activities among participating classes
  • Stay in touch
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