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A Intro to PBL
1. What is PBL?
2. PBL Pedagogy
3. PBL Examples
4. Success Stories
5. PBL Resources
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A. Introduction to Networked Project-Based Learning

4. Success Stories of Project-Based Learning

There is an abundance of compelling online PBL success stories -- representing all subjects, geographic regions, languages and student age levels.

Doors to Diplomacy
Middle school and high school student produced web projects from around the world -- about diplomacy and issues of international importance.

Friends and Flags
Headquartered in Israel and promoting multicultural awareness by connecting K-12 classrooms worldwide into international learning teams who exchange online and offline information.

iEARN Projects
Projects focus on youth taking action and involve an exhibition of the collaboration, such as magazines, creative writing anthologies, websites, letter-writing campaigns, reports to government officials, arts exhibits, workshops, performances, and charity fundraising.


International Schools CyberFair
Thousands of K-12 student-produced web projects from one hundred countries -- showcasing local communities -- their leaders, businesses, history, environment, culture, sports and health

    Tales from the Electronic Frontier
Ten teachers share their actual classroom experiences using the Internet in K-12 science and mathematics.
International competition where student teams engage in collaborative, project-based learning to create educational websites.
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