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A Intro to PBL
1. What is PBL?
2. PBL Pedagogy
3. PBL Examples
4. Success Stories
5. PBL Resources
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A. Introduction to Networked Project-Based Learning

5. PBL Readings and Resources

Challenge 2000 Multimedia Project
Variety of resources, examples and research focusing on project-based learning and multimedia.
Educational Technology Panel
Background paper describing the Educational Technology Panel, originally established to identify, evaluate, and recommend exemplary educational technology programs.
George Lucas Educational Foundation
Models of innovative practices in K-12 education which incorporate project-based learning.
Network-Based Educational Activity Collection
Judi Harris's extensive research about how teachers can become designers for Internet projects, including 18 structures for successful telecomputing activities.
Project Approach
Project Approach theory, planning, examples, and professional development focused on using project-based learning in early childhood and elementary education.
Project Based Learning Handbook
Buck Institute of Education's comprehensive overview of PBL provides a detailed planning model for teachers and PBL research.
Project Based Learning Resources
Collection of articles, examples and resources related to project-based learning.
Sharing Best Practices & Strategies in School Reform
Bob Pealman's collection of PBL best practices, pilot projects, and student work.
Technology Support for PBL
Examples of technologies which provide support for the the implementation of project-based learning..
Virtual Architecture: Designing and Directing Curriculum-Based Telecomputing
Judi Harris presents examples of curriculum-based educational telecomputing projects and related resources.
The Web Project
Focuses on innovative, project-based learning in the arts, humanities, and social sciences by people of all ages.  
WWWEDU Discussion List
Pronounced "We Do" the WWWEDU listserv is one of the oldest gathering places for educators to exchange ideas about using the Web to support learning.
WWW 4 Teachers
Online community for teachers integrating technology in the classroom; includes online tools, PBL checklist and other resources.

Recommended Reading

Brave New Schools: Challenging Cultural Illiteracy
by Jim Cummins and Dennis Sayers, 1997
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This book describes a world in which students, teachers and parents are globally connected and thereby able to communicate across geographical and cultural barriers. Has many enlightening case studies, as well as an insightful history of intercultural networking.
Net Learning: Why Teachers Use The Internet
by Ferdi Serim & Melissa Koch, 1996
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Net Learning shows how project-based learning benefits students and teachers. It highlights projects from all curricular areas, provides excerpts and curriculum ideas from experienced teachers, and offers step by step instructions for joining specific projects.  This book helps you decide when and when not to use project-based learning to teach a particular objective.
Raw Materials for the Mind:
Teaching & Learning in Information & Technology Rich Schools
by David Warlick, 1998
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A comprehensive and effective look at finding and using all kinds of Internet information in your classroom..
The Busy Educator's Guide to the World Wide Web
by Marjan Glavac, 1998
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This book highlights some of the best educational Web sites. Glavac also shows educators how to search and find networked projects and other information on the Internet.
Virtual Architecture: Designing and Directing Curriculum-Based Telecomputing
By Judi Harris, 1998
http://ccwf.cc.utexas.edu/~jbharris/ Virtual- Architecture/
Order from Amazon.com
This readable, practical book shows you how to begin building clear, strong, and simple activity structures that become your foundation for designing and implementing powerful curriculum-based telecomputing projects.
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