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C Making Projects
1. Design a Project
2. Advertise your Project
3. Prepare for your Project
4. Conduct your Project
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Harnessing the Power of the Web

C. Introduction to Making Collaborative Learning Projects

Once you have participated in a successful networked learning project, you may want to think about organizing your own basic online project.

We conducted our first networked project, Letters to Santa Claus, in 1984 on the original Free Educational Mail Network, and have repeated the project annually for the past twenty years. This classically simple but effective project has been completed by thousands of classrooms. The Santa Call for Collaboration, which we post every September to various network mailing lists, provides well-organized information and guidelines about the project, and invites teachers to participate. When teachers register via email, we send them detailed instructions for completing the project.

Over the years we have evolved time-proven principles and guidelines for successful projects. Like many aspects of successful teaching, we have found that planning is the key to success.

This section shows you, step by step, how to plan, organize, and conduct your own simple networked learning project.

Special thanks to San Diego teacher Dennis Cowick, who has been our faithful volunteer Santa project coordinator every year since 1984.

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