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E. Friendship Through Education

4. FTE Resources

The following resources are provided to increase cultural understanding and to foster exchanges between US students and students in predominately Muslim countries.

For an extensive listing of global education resource links, see our library of  Global Education Resources.

Educational Resources for Discussing September 11th

Coalition of Essential Schools
"Framing Discussions of Terrible Events," offers questions that teachers can use to frame dialogue about events surrounding September 11th.

Educators for Social Responsibility
Produces guides to help teachers discuss recent events with young people.

Education Development Center
Offers a mini-curriculum entitled "Beyond Blame: Reacting to the Terrorist Attack" for middle and high school students.

Global Connections: The Middle East/Communities Respond
In the wake of September 11, communities across the country were faced with the difficult task of helping people cope with an unprecedented tragedy. The Case Studies and Local Responses to 9/11 are just a few examples of how some communities addressed the crisis.

Learning About Islam

The Asia Society features a collection of teaching resources on the recent histories of Central and South Asia. The unit also provides broader context on many topics, including the many faces of Islam. The site offers teachers and students resources, such as lesson plans, readings, maps, online exhibitions, exchange opportunities, etc.

Discover Islam Poster Exhibit
A visual poster exhibit which is the first of its kind aimed at presenting Islamic information in a fascinating format.

Global Connections: the Middle East
Collection of background articles, lesson plans, timeline, and other resources about the Middle East.

History for Kids: Islam
Teacher guides, lessons, crafts and other information for kids about Islam.

Islam for Children
Educational website that teaches children about Islamic traditions.

Middle East Institute (Introduction to Islam)
Introduction to Islam by M. Cherif Bassioumi is available on the Middle East Institute's website. The book, which is written for a non-Muslim audience, presents an understanding of Islam, its history, culture, and contribution to civilization. M. Cherif Bassioumi is a Professor of Law at DePaul University.

Omar Center For Cultural and Educational Outreach
A guide for school boards, superintendents, administrators and educators to assist them in explaining and discussing with students how Islam condemns violence and terrorism.

Muslim Intercultural Awareness Resources

NAFSA: Association of International Educators
U.S. - Muslim Intercultural Awareness Grant Winners
This project is designed to promote increased communication between Muslim students and their peers and improve the campus services provided to Muslim students

United States Institute for Peace: Special Muslim Initiative
This is a major integrative effort to develop crisis prevention strategies for managing and resolving international conflicts resulting from the violence of terrorism and turmoil in the Muslim world, bring the unique strengths of the Institute to bear on the policy debate and actions necessary to respond to the enormous challenges of terrorism, and support those in the Muslim world working through nonviolent means to integrate democratic and human rights principles into existing Islamic political, social, and economic frameworks

International Education Exchange Programs

Amity Institute
Teaching exchange program that strives to encourage and build international understanding and friendship by offering young people the opportunity to share their language, culture, and expertise at schools around the world. Programs include: The Intern Teacher Program; The Exchange Teacher Program; and the Amity Volunteer Teachers Abroad Program.

Council on Standards for Educational Travel CSIET
A number of exchange organizations, both for-profit and non-profit, are options to enable students to travel and study in countries around the world, including those that are predominantly Muslim populated. Another option is to serve as a host family for a student from abroad. The Council on Standards for Educational Travel (CSIET) is one place to explore approximately 100 programs that meet its criteria. CSIET publishes an annual handbook listing programs which exchange with specific countries.

Additional Support Services

National Peers Association
A support service initiated by peers in a variety of diverse settings. Peer helpers act as preventive agents, using education and forums for learning to prevent conflict, promote toleration and trans-cultural understanding, and service to others. The organization is now active in over fourteen different countries around the world.

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