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*This is a Sample Form

Basic information about your project

Project Title:
Brief Project Summary
(255 characters or less):
Project Begin Date:
Project End Date:
Project Level: Basic (simple information exchange project)
Advanced (complex processing of data)
Curriculum Fit:
(select all that apply)
Community Interest
Health and Physical Education
History and Social Studies
Information Technology
Vocational Education
Primary Technologies Used:
(select all that apply )
Audio Conferencing
Instant Messaging or Other Real-Time Chat
NetMeeting or Other Sharing (i.e. white boards, etc.)
Video Conferencing
Web Based Discussion Forum or Blogs
Web Publishing
Search Keyword(s):
(enter keyword(s) that fit your project content)

How teachers can sign up for your project

Project Contact Email:
Project Registration Status: Open (anyone can register)
Closed (by invitation)
Filled (no more participants needed)
Registration Begin Date:
Registration End Date:
Is a fee charged to participate in this project? No

Types of participants you want

Number of participating classrooms wanted:
Participant Age Range wanted: From years to years
Target Audience: Anyone
Regional (province or state)
National (your country)
International (2 or more specific countries)
If your Target Audience (above) is
International, please select the
countries you'd like to include:

(hold your CTRL or Command
key down to select multiple countries)

Additional Project Information (Optional)

Additional information to help people find your project.

Project URL:
(if any)
Full Project Description
(Detailed Project Summary):
Project Objectives
and Desired Project Outcome:
Special Registration Information
and Instructions:
Project Sponsor:
(Is this project being sponsored?)

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