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Technology Valley International School
Child Labor Project (i-EARN)

I am the Technology Teacher at Valley International School. Last Year our Students worked on a child labor project; which concluded with a presentation of child Labor. This year we are continuing the project, we have started raising funds and we will adopt a child by paying his/her school fee. We will be Arabizing our work and adding more interesting updated information. Next week end we are going to the South of Lebanon to get more information on what's being done about children in the work place The outcome will be 2 presentations, one in Arabic and one in English and a website in Arabic and English. *Last year's presentation was posted on the project's website.


Hi all: I am an Iranian teacher working on a project with some American teachers, that I met at the iEARN conference in Capetown My project is about "How we can develop our common knowledge through the internet and computer software..

Alexandria, Egypt
Child Labor Project (I-EARN)

Hello everybody! We are New Ramses College students in Cairo, Egypt. We are (group A) working on the project "My Life as a Street Child". We have raised funds for street children and so far, we have collected a sum of 430 Egyptian pounds. We started two months ago on our school "Fun Day". We sold hand-made items like necklaces and some brownies. Students and parents helped by buying these items. The money will be donated to one of the shelters for street children. We are still thinking of other ways of helping them. . Class A New Ramses College Egypt We have started a project in our school, which discusses the practice of child labor around the world. We have divided students into groups. Some students are doing the research part, working on the Internet to obtain data. Some will do the actual writing. Some will get photographs and videos. Some will write and collect poems. Some will write a story.

New Ramses College
Group B
Child Labor Project (I-EARN)

Hi everyone! We are New Ramses College ,Group B . We're working on the project " My life as a street child" . We have taken some photos and have written a part of a poem. How does it feel to live in a street With no place to go or food to eat To step in the mud with bare feet How does it feel to taste hunger How does it feel to sense pain How does it feel to see destruction And you having fun with your mother and father While orphans wander lonely in the rain How does it feel to dream of a school While others are having fun in the pool Is this how life goes? Is this how some people live? I kept wondering in my thoughts About starting to give.


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