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School of Business and Technology

a Global Schoolhouse Partner School
SBT - High School, College, Career

SBT is Designed from
a student's Point of View!

SBT is a California charter high school and the best school of choice for students who want the clear upper hand when applying for a job or applying for admission to a university.  SBT presents a standards-based curriculum that is focused, comprehensive and unique in three ways: high school - college - and business.  The curriculum prepares students to take the SAT's, the Golden State exams, and become successful college freshmen.

Workforce Preparation

SBT recognizes that  a real education is a partnership between schools and business.  Schools should graduate seniors with identifiable and necessary skills essential to be productive members of the community.  Businesses need graduating seniors to own certain skills to become productive members of their business

Students Want to Learn,
Not Be Lectured!

To meet studentsí needs, SBT has adopted a project-based curriculum that integrates subjects, creates opportunities to apply skills, and allows for higher-order thinking and problem solving. With project-based learning, students are able to apply their skills and understanding of concepts over an extended period that involves them in a variety of relevant problem-solving situations.


Thums up at the School of Business and Technology

SBT's mission is to prepare youth for the challenges they will face in the future. 

Program Focus


college preparation


project-based learning


civic responsibility


world citizenship




appreciation for diversity


and more . . .

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School of Business and Technology

320 N. Horne Street Oceanside, California, 92054 

Phone (760) 231-1512

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