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Global SchoolNet Photo History
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Friendship Through EducationPresident Bush Announces Friendship Through Education
October 25, 2001, Washington, DC



Sec. of Ed. Paige & Pres. Bush
Sec. of Ed. Paige & Pres. Bush


Pres. Bush & GSN CEO Yvonne Andres
Pres. Bush & GSN CEO, Yvonne Andres


Pres. Bush with FTE Group
Pres. Bush with FTE Group


FTE Consortium Members
FTE Consortium Members


Pres. Bush Speech at Marshall
Pres. Bush Speech at Marshall


Pres. Bush Shaking Student's Hand
Pres. Bush Shaking Hand


Pres. Bush Listening to Email
Pres. Bush Listening


Pres. Bush with Marshall Students
Pres. Bush with Marshall Kids

Secretary of Energy Abraham and Students
Sec. of Energy Abraham with Students


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