Rubric for Evaluating Student Web Projects


Ideas & Content





Give this a
5 or 4

  1. Audience and Purpose are clearly stated
  2. Information is accurate and current
  3. Ideas come mainly from primary sources
  4. Authors show knowledge and insight
  5. Effective use of technology demonstrated
  6. Accuracy can be checked (sources are cited)
  7. All information relates to the overall purpose and audience
  1. Inviting opening page draws the visitor inside
  2. Details are logical and effective
  3. Layout of pages provides good direction
  4. How to explore and idea is clear
  5. Each page begins with a good transition
  6. Easy to navigate through the pages
  1. Organizational structure is clear and coherent
  2. Grammar and usage are correct
  3. Punctuation is accurate
  4. Spelling is generally correct
  5. Site needs little or no editing
  1. Web site is clearly identified; it's easy to find
  2. The layout is clear and easy to follow
  3. Backgrounds and text work well together
  4. Graphical elements are used consistently
  5. Multimedia (if any) adds to the main purpose
  6. Links are appropriate
  1. Links work properly
  2. Graphics are optimized
  3. Works well in all browsers
  4. Works in text-only mode
  5. Multimedia resources (if any) work properly

Give this a

3 or 2


  1. Audience and Purpose not clearly identified
  2. Information not always clear
  3. Primary source use not always clear
  4. Content connections not always clear
  5. Does not relate content to larger context
  6. No way to check validity of information
  7. Strong purpose not demonstrated
  1. Inconsistent structure of pages
  2. Sequencing is inconsistent
  3. Some pages incomplete
  4. Some links disjointed; lack purpose
  5. Unclear connections among sections
  6. Sense of being lost or unsure navigating
  1. Long or incomplete paragraphs
  2. Minor problems with grammar or usage
  3. Internal punctuation sometimes missing or wrong
  4. Spelling is usually correct
  5. Site needs some editing
  1. Web site is easy to find
  2. The layout of most page is easy to follow
  3. Backgrounds and text were not always effective
  4. Some Inconsistent or inappropriate graphics
  5. Multimedia sometimes doesn't add to experience
  6. Use of links is unclear
  1. Not all links work properly
  2. Graphics are generally optimized
  3. Pages don't work in all browsers
  4. Text-only mode could be improved
  5. Multimedia resources (if any) work most of the time

Give this a

5 or 4


  1. No reference to Purpose or Audience
  2. Information incomplete or inaccurate
  3. Information not from primary sources
  4. Little or no overall context for information
  5. Value of information is unclear
  6. No way to check validity of information
  7. Lacks sense of purpose or central theme
  1. No orientation for visitors
  2. Sequencing unclear
  3. Pages lack closure
  4. No focus for links
  5. Pages are inconsistent
  6. Difficult to navigate in an organized way






  1. Paragraph structure is missing
  2. Errors in grammar or usage noticeable
  3. Many punctuation mistakes
  4. Frequent spelling errors
  5. Site needs extensive editing
  1. Web site was hard to find
  2. Layout is confusing or inappropriate
  3. Backgrounds and text generally not effective
  4. Graphics only decorative or confusing
  5. Multimedia unrelated to topic
  6. Too many unrelated links, or too few links


  1. Links don't work properly
  2. Graphic elements not optimized
  3. These pages need a specific browser
  4. Text-only mode doesn't work
  5. Multimedia resources (if any) fail to work
Adapted from original work done by Al Rogers, Global SchoolNet Foundation and CyberFair Contest: http://www.gsn.org/cf/. Adaptation done by Clarence Bakken and Sara Armstrong for Challenge 2000, CTAP Region IV Technology Leadership Academy and the Institute for Research on Learning.

Copyright 1999 by GSN