Global SchoolNet group dinner

Dinner at Hibachi's

Welcoming our guests from Taiwan SchoolNet

Brenda, Jennifer, Al

Is dinner ready yet?

Yue Chane, Shiann Liang and Yvonne

Yue Chane, Shiann Liang and Greg

Jennifer and Al

Ethel and Sher - Taiwan SchoolNet CyberFair

Sara and Janet

Ethel and Sher

Sher and Greg

Janet and Sara

Greg and Sher by pier

Greg and Sher

Greg, Ethel, and Sher

Janine, Lisa and Stephanie

Janine, Lisa and Stephanie

Joan and Brenda

Kay and John

Janine and Lisa


Flying shrimp


Show Me the Tools workshop

Microsoft announces grant winners!

Global SchoolNet wins Microsoft grant

Janet's award

Janet's presentation

Janet tell her story

Rene's award

Joan accepting Rene's check

Janet's *BIG* check

A *BIG* check for Janet

Brenda's award

Jennifer's award

Stephanie's award