The FrEdMail Network is no longer a service of the Global SchoolNet Foundation. This and subsequent pages are for archival purposes only.


FrEdMail: Part of a Complete Internet Solution

With budgets tight and interest in networking high, many schools are wondering what are the best ways to use old technology to do new and interesting things with their students. Why not consider designing a complete Internet networking solution which includes your existing technology? Unless you have money to burn, you certainly don't want to throw away equipment that can provide invaluable support to the curriculum activities you want your students engaged in on the Internet.

Global SchoolNet's FrEdMail Global Curriculum Network software for Digicard networks will surprise at the hidden power in your existing investment of Apple IIe, IIgs, and Macintosh LC computers. Now, your existing equipment can supplement your state-of-the-art Internetworking plans by bringing low-cost, inexpensive, and accessible simultaneous, multi-user global Internet mail services directly to your students.

This system also connects you directly to the Internet's primary educational newsgroup provider... the Global SCHLnet Newsgroup Service... renowned for its exemplary and popular learning activities. When your teachers and students discover the power, impact, and value of international project-based learning activities available from SCHLnet, you'll see first-hand how "cutting edge" learning can be so cost effective.

There's no question about it... this scheme lets you repurpose your existing computers and put them to work doing some very cutting edge activities... making this the most cost-effective means of providing international email and global curriculum services you can obtain. Check out EdNet's guide to planning a state-of-the-art Internet networking plan which includes your existing equipment.

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The FrEdMail Global Curriculum Network software for Digicard ($349) An easy-to-install, easy-to-maintain multi-user email system, designed with teachers and students in mind. Simple, step by step instructions walk you through setup, operation, and routine maintenance of the bulletin board. It includes:

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Global SCHLnet Newsgroup Subscription ($250/year): This service provides your connection to the Internet, your own Internet domain name, and online support for teachers seeking international curriculum and project connections. It also delivers over sixty Global SCHLnet newsgroups. We monitor and manage all newsgroups to ensure the highest level of professional and curricular standards. The Global SCHLnet Newsgroups include:

Your annual Global SCHLnet Newsgroup Subscription also includes:

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Hardware Requirements for FrEdMail Multiuser Software

128K enhanced Apple IIe, IIGS, or Mac LC with IIe emulator; 20-40 megabytes disk space available on your Digicard SRC; one 9600 bps modem (you must have at least one IIe or IIGS on which to operate the modem); and one custom high-speed modem cable (available from us for $25). If your modem is connected to a IIe, you'll also require a super serial card.

Ordering Information

Send your questions about FrEdMail to: @gsn.org.

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